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Hello everybody!

I am very happy to announce the relaunch of Your Guitar Tutor. The new site is going to make it even easier for you to keep up to date with everything I am teaching. You will now be able to buy my new revised editions of the popular series of ebooks ‘Complete Beginner Guitarist’, and the Master Guitar set, which includes ‘Be The Guitarist’ and ‘The Ultimate Practice-Planner’

I am also making my Skype Guitar Lessons easily available for you to book in with me, and find a slot to suit you. Learning guitar from the comfort of your own bedroom across the other side of the world has never been easier.

I am very excited to hear any of my loyal reader’s views on the new site and the revised editions of the ebooks.

Be sure to get your free copy of ‘Learn How to play Easy Guitar Songs’, the ebook by putting your name and email address in the form on the right hand side of the homepage.


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