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Your Guitar Tutor started out as a private guitar tuition service solely, but after years of giving private lessons and studying exactly what guitar students want, there had to be a product created that would meet all these needs. So many hours where then put into the planning of the project and structuring of the material, deciding exactly what a student needs and what is not necessary.

Then came the challenge of creating simple but effective diagrams to illustrate my points, and the writing process which proved to be demanding but fun.

With the help of a highly dedicated team behind him, Tom managed to make the vision of yourguitartutor.co.uk come to life and ‘Be The Guitarist’ and ‘The Ultimate Practise Planner’ were released and available to you. Since then new ebooks have been released to meet the needs of guitar players from all over the world.

Yourguitartutor.co.uk is more than just a place to purchase the eBooks, it is an environment for guitar players to share ideas, ask questions and receive weekly blog guitar lessons for free!

Join the guitar players from all over the world who have grown with Your Guitar Tutor and become the guitarist they truly want to be.

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