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In this lesson you are going to learn how to combine positions of the minor pentatonic scale using the tapping technique in order to create a modern, fresh approach to the pentatonic sound. We shall cover the tapping technique itself, from correct hand positioning, muting unwanted noise, all the way to  practising these ideas to a metronome, and we shall also recap positions 1,2 and 5 of the E minor pentatonic. I would stress that it is OK to use a hair band to keep string noise down when tapping, remember music is an art form, an expression, not a contest! Best of luck with these licks, and I shall see you on the other side – Sam Bell

Below is a link to a full TAB for the video lesson shown above.

Tapping Minor Pentatonic Lesson

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and make sure to come back very soon for m0re guitar lessons on topics such as Alternate Picking, Legato and Improvisation.







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