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Today I am giving you a quick overview of a beautiful guitar that I have been lucky enough to get my hands on down at Badlands Guitars http://www.badlandsguitars.co.uk here in Brighton.

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of Peerless and get an insight into a very interesting guitar company that is becoming more and more established here in the UK everyday.

I naturally gravitate towards rock, blues and rock ‘n’n roll, however this guitar is geared for jazz and does an exceptional job at giving you the most authentic jazz guitar sound. So as to get the best from the instrument I played various styles on it with an emphasis on some jazz phrases and rhythm parts that I had learnt especially for the demo.

This is a versatile semi from Peerless Guitars, boasting 3 P90 pickups in the medium depth body (3″) meaning you get a a real work horse of a guitar. I am a big fan of the Bigsby tremolo and the JH features a B70 Bigsby, ebony fretbordm solid spruce top with part maple back and side, Gibson’s classic dog ear P90s, bone nut, 2 volume pots, 2 tone pots and a toggle switch. I couldnt help but notice the floating rosewood bridge that is height adjustable.

I particularly enjoyed the vast tonal range you can get from the P90 pickups with the use of the tone pot. After experimenting with all three pickups you get to see quite how many sounds can come out of this fine guitar.

Price £849

Players Who Use Peerless- Big Jim Sullivan, Dominic Greensmith (REEF), Bill Nelson, Dave Eringa and many more.


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