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Today I am reviewing the Peerless La Muse electric guitar which I have been lucky enough to try out down at Badlands Guitars http://www.badlandsguitars.co.uk in Brighton.

Peerless Guitars

First of all a brief introduction into Peerless for anyone who hasn’t heard of them yet. Established in 1970, Peerless crafted quality electric and acoustic guitars for the top brands like Gretsch of Fender, Epiphone of Gibson and Alvarez of St. Louise music. As they are referred to as ‘Beautiful Guitars… Beautiful to Play’, I couldn’t agree more, and there is one on my wish list already. What’s interesting to point out, is that Peerless won’t be found in all major music stores, so if you see one in your local store it is worth having a good look at.

So what is the La Muse guitar by Peerless all about?

Peerless La Muse 

Peerless La Muse Guitar

This is a cross between a 335 and a Les Paul. There is an oversized LP body that is hollow like a Lucille guitar without the F holes. This particular model pictured above is the one in store at Badlands and is a stunning deep red with gold hardware. This really makes it stand out and feel pretty special to play.

Well enough about looks, because this guitar has a lot more to it than meets the eye. When you get your hands on it you will get to explore the range of classic ’57 humbucker tones. An interesting feature to this guitar is the GH109 vintage Grover tuners, complimented by the split block MOP neck inlays makes this guitar a pleasure to look at.

Overall a fantastic guitar to play which allows me to produce a variety of rock ‘n’ roll, Blues and jazz lines very convincingly. The guys down at Badlands were also kind enough to offer a free hard case with this one!

Price- £649

Players That Use Peerless- Big Jim Sullivan, Dominic Greensmith (REEF), Bill Nelson and Duncan McKenzie plus many more.

Peerless La Muse Guitar

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