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Hey there,

So far in this series on working out songs on guitar by ear, you have learnt that it is possible to use your ears to work out songs without wildly guessing which chords to use.

  • Use the chord shapes of the key of C or G- Key Of C– C, Am, Em, F, Dm, G OR Key Of G- G, Em, D, C, Am, Bm. (See the eBook to learn all about the chords).
  • Use the capo shifting it up the neck and playing the chord shape C or G until you find that it sounds ‘right’ for a sustained period of time is your first step. Once you have found it to be C or G then you can play a chord off each of the dots shown in the diagrams above. So if the G works over a sustained period of time (perhaps 20 seconds) then use the G diagram to play a chord off each dot and if its the C that works then use the C diagram to do this.
  • If you are unsure how to build a chord off each dot then you should look at Complete Beginner Guitarist to master the chord shapes you need to learn.
Please enjoy part 4 to learn some of the finer details that will take you even closer to learning songs by ear. If you are interested in training your ear at home or on the go then please find details on the home page by mid- November 2011 to download the Your Guitar Tutor iPhone/ iPad app.
Tom Clark

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