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Hey there, this lesson will be focusing on two different scale runs in the key of C major that have a different sequence. These two sequences will provide you with some interesting ways to practise your scales and modes when running up and down the scales in an ordinary fashion becomes boring.

Ensure to practise the sequences with a metronome starting out at 60 bpm and only increase the tempo when you are finding it easy at the current tempo. Try to accent each diatonic note of the scale, this means play the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th etc note of the sequences harder than the other notes. This will help you build your dynamics so that you can learn to play loud and soft at different times.

Sequence 3

As with all the sequences I have been teaching throughout this series, I recommend you learn the sequence as it is shown and then experiment with idea. By experiment I mean that you should understand and absorb the sound of the sequence and then try to take another shape of the scale and recreate the sequence. To do this you will need to know all the positions of at least your major scale so that you can choose another position of the scale and then work out how to play the sequence.

If you want to learn your scales then see Be The Guitarist for easy to understand diagrams and full explanations.

Sequence 4

Keep practising and I hope you have enjoyed the Three note motif lessons. Come back for more lessons on guitar scale sequences where you will learn how to play Four Note Motifs.

Tom Clark

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