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Hello there, this lesson is all about the scale runs we hear in many forms of music, in particular rock guitar based music. Our aim is for you to have some patterns under your belt to pull out on your command and execute with ease. If practised slowly with a focus on accuracy there is no reason why you could not achieve high speed runs in a matter of months. Also worth mentioning is that I have designed this exercise to be in 6/8 time signature, this means you are playing 6 notes per a bar. You could do this in common 4/4 also, so why not try that one time.

Sequence 1


Here is the second motif we can create by playing a variation on the original sequence we have just learnt. This sequence relies on playing what are known as ‘Triads’ but through the A shaped C major scale, why not try this pattern up the A string pulling out notes from the D and G string?

Sequence 2

Once you understand the sound of the sequence and exactly what you are doing with the scale in use you can recreate the sequence in the remaining shapes of the C major scale. This will give you greater command of the fretboard so that you do not feel limited to a certain area on the neck when soloing or writing parts on your guitar.

Try and pick the diatonic notes of the scale harder to work on your dynamics and if you want to know all about scale then please see Be The Guitarist.

Come back for part 2 and 3 of the Three Note Motifs where you will learn four more scale runs to experiment with.

Tom Clark


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