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Today I am reviewing the Fender Telecaster Custom 72 in black and I am very excited about this one as it is a true dream come true to be able to play this one whenever I like down at my local guitar store, Badlands.

This true relic, the 72 Re-issue Telecaster custom costs £720 and in my opinion is worth every penny! It was built to be a rock n roll machine, it has a fat sound from the neck humbucker pickup that you would not expect from a Tele and a searing tilted bridge pickup to accommodate to the flip side of your playing. You will find an individual volume and tone control for each pickup plus 3 stage switches to give you even greater tonal control of your guitar.

Fender Telecaster Custom 72

In terms of playability this guitar boasts a stunning rosewood fretoboard backed on a maple neck with 21 narrow jumbo frets and a flatter fretboard. It plays beautifully partly down to the classic 60s style oval C shaped neck that is ideal for both chord work and lead playing. I also love the lightweight premium ash wood body with sleek classic black on black urethane finish and tummy cutaway for comfort and ease of playing for linger practises and sets.

Trying out different pick-up selections taught me that even in a middle position with a clean tone you can achieve some beautiful twang ideal for both chord and solo playing if you wish to. Using the neck pickup I found you achieve a much more warm sound without getting too soft at the low end. Once I brought some overdrive into the mix I was stunned by how well the guitar responded and you can help but pull out some Keith Richards style solos!

Price £720

Player Who Use Fender Telecasters- Everyone from Keith Richards to Brad Paisley are using the Telecaster. Andy Summers, Jeff Beck, Albert Lee, Joe Strummer, Jonny Greenwood and Jeff Buckley. It is not limited by style, you will find country players and metal guitarists slingin’ these!



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