Fender Modern Player Telecaster
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Hi there, today I am reviewing the Fender Modern Player Telecaster guitar- truly top sounds from Fenders most affordable Telecaster. Here at Your Guitar Tutor I am busy reviewing great guitars and providing the finest quality guitar tuition for you.

Modern Telecaster in black

An incredibly affordable Fender Telecaster

For this weeks review I have decided to pick the Fender Modern Player Telecaster which I was fortunate enough to get to try out to great extent at my local guitar store Badlands Guitars. The Modern Player model is designed to give the Tele-loving players’ a real treat at an affordable price. One of the first things I noticed about this stunning little beauty is the pine wood grain that you can see through the black finish. Having two single coils and a bridge humbucker really opens up a world of tones for you to get experimenting with. You can split the humbucker in two to get even more sounds than you first thought was possible with the ability to get a super sparkly tone as well as a rich, warm one by doubling up the pickup.

This guitar features the classic C shaped neck in maple wood with 22 jumbo frets for you to get your hands on! You may be wondering why this guitar is so much cheaper than all the other Telecasters you have seen, and I can tell you why. The modern player is made in China but don’t let this change your view on the quality Fender ensure to bring to their customers. The quality you are getting your hands on for £339 is down to Fender staying true to their efforts in letting players taste the Tele without having save up for years.

Stylistically I was pulling out authentic Country, Rock, Blues and even hints of Jazz on this guitar due to its versatility, in part the reason why the Telecaster is a leader in the guitar market and a popular choice for players of many different styles from Country to Indie.



Players who use the Telecaster

Everyone from Brad Paisley to Jeff Buckley are using the Telecaster. Andy Summers, Jeff Beck, Albert Lee, Joe Strummer, Jonny Greenwood and Keith Richards.

Keep rockin’


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