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Hello YGT students

In Beginner guitar lesson 2 you learnt your first two chords of ‘The Ten Chords To Beginner Guitar Mastery’. You were introduced to TAB to allow you to learn the exercises from my eBooks and free blog guitar lessons.

Lesson Aim: Learn chords 3 and 4 of ‘The Ten Chords to Beginner Guitar Mastery’.

So now that you know your C and A open major chords it is time to learn the G and E open major chords. Once you have learnt all ten chords you can start learning Beginner Guitar Songs and understanding the simplicity of the songs you love. Here at Your Guitar Tutor you only learn what you need to learn and what you will use in your guitar playing.

Open G major chord

Chord 3 of the Ten Chords To Beginner Guitar Mastery








To play the open G major chord first take your second finger and place it on the 3rd fret low E string and then your first finger on the A string. Now place your third finger on the 3rd fret B string and your fourth finger on the 3rd fret high E string. Make sure that the strings shown with zeros (open strings) are able to ring cleanly and to ensure this, remember to keep your fingers pressing down on the tips rather than a flat finger approach. If you are playing the chord and it doesn’t sound quite right it could be a few things such as not pressing the strings down with enough force. To check if this is your problem pick each note of the chord separately starting fro your low E until you reach the high E. It could also be your strumming hands fault so before you begin freely strumming the chord, simply let your picking hand fall through the strings like a paintbrush, slowly with a moderate pressure.

Open E major chord

Chord 4 of the Ten Chords to Beginner Guitar Mastery







The open E major chord may come slightly easier than the previous chord shapes you have learnt so lets get started. Take your second finger and place it on the 2nd fret A string and then take your third finger and place it on the 2nd fret D string. Now take your first finger and place it at the 1st fret G string. As you can see from the diagram above, the low E string, B and high E string are open so hit these strings with your strumming hand but don’t fret a note with the left hand.

By learning the 2 chords covered in this lesson you will have 4 out of the 10 chords learnt, meaning you have one more major chord to learn before we tackle the 5 minor versions of the five major chords you will have learnt.

The system you are learning is known as the CAGED system and means you learn five different shapes- C, A, G, E and D and then learn how to make them minor, with this knowledge you can play a vast amount of music.

If you follow Your Guitar Tutor’s free Beginner blog guitar lessons you will successfully be able to move onto Intermediate guitar lessons and eventually advanced lessons if you wish to.

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Have fun and practise hard!


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