Wake Me Up Chords by Avicii on the Guitar

Learn how to play Wake Me Up by Avicii on the guitar with my easy to follow video lesson designed for beginners.

This song uses 4 chords in total, and two different rhythms.  The first strumming pattern is Down – Down – Up- Down – Up – Down- Down -Up – Down – Up- Down – Down. You can watch the video to learn the sound of the strumming pattern and to see how I move between the chords. The second strumming pattern is a classic offbeat pattern commonly found in both reggae and dance music. You can also learn the full melody in this video too which will allow you to play with other musicians if you decide to do chord and melody ensemble with another guitar player. Remember to place your capo at the 2nd fret and use my ebook if you need help with the chords.

If you had any trouble with the chord shapes used in this lesson then please see my range of ebooks for help and get yourself my free ebook which can be found in the top right hand corner of this page.

You may also find this lesson useful for understanding chords on the guitar.

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