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Welcome to yourguitartutor.co.uk and thank you for visiting! With a brand new website and a new product range I will be delivering regular blog guitar lessons for you. My blogs will look into areas of the eBook I have released but in greater detail as well as guitar techniques to blend into your playing. If you are a complete beginner you will find help here. If you are learning songs but want to understand what you are playing then you will also find help here.

After developing a system to teach guitar without the confusion or vague approach often found in the guitar world,  I finally finished my two eBooks that are available to you at an introductory offer for my new website launch. When you purchase ‘Be The Guitarist’ today you will receive ‘The Ultimate Practise- Planner‘ completely free!

These two eBooks perfectly compliment each other, Be The Guitarist teaches you the language and concepts and The Ultimate Practise- Planner engrains the knowledge through accurate no-nonsense Tab exercises designed here at Your Guitar Tutor especially for you. You will find a practise routine to suit your lifestyle even when you have just 30 minutes spare a day. I designed The Ultimate Practise- planner so that you, the guitarist could avoid the ‘ruts’ of learning guitar and never worry about what to practise on your guitar.

Please feel free to preview the eBooks before deciding to purchase them by visiting the Home page or subscribe to my blogs and learn guitar with Your Guitar Tutor.

Thanks for reading

Tom @ Your Guitar Tutor

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