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Hi there, In the previous Blues Guitar Lesson you learnt how to adapt the standard 12 bar Blues and incorporate elements of Jazz into the mix. You did this by changing the standard A7 into an A13 and you also learnt how to create passing tones to create nice transitions between the I, IV and V chord.

Today our aim is to learn an interesting technique known as the ‘Sub- Dominant Minor where we change our D9 for a D minor 9 in bar 6. This ultimately adds a sophistication to a Blues and immediately grabs your attention because we so often expect to hear the normal D9. I also want to let you into the concept of a Jazz- inspired turnaround for our Blues¬†where we will play a chromatic run of 13 chords to end the progression and loop us back around to start the progression again.


Blues Guitar Lesson 3

Blues Guitar Lesson 3

Jazz- Inspired Turnaround

Notice in bars 11 and 12 the chords A13 moving to C13- B13 and Bb 13. This movement is the most Jazzy adaptation to our original Blues and is a great trick to chuck into the mix when playing 12 bar.

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Tom Clark


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