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I was very pleased to hear this excellent success story come through from one of my eBook customers! This makes all the hard work feel like a massive accomplishment and inspires me to keep writing and helping guitarists from all over the world.

Hi Tom,

Apologies for the extremely late reply!

Guitar playing is going very well thanks, I’ve had a crazy last year. I was working in Central London, going to work in a suit, being in the office all day, basically being a city boy and it so wasn’t me.

So I decided to quit and focus on the guitar for the year or two and see where it could take me. Towards the end of November I managed to play at the Proud 02 in front of thousands of people in the Millennium Dome, I was the guitarist for a girl called Kyra…We opened up the show for Ed Sheeran and Wretch32.

I’ve spent last year working with so many great musicians who are way above my level; I just can’t believe my luck really.

Since I’ve got your book its help me tremendously. So here’s a little testimonial which I hope you will find useful.

“Prior to finding out about Yourguitartutor I had already played guitar for quite a number of years. Without sounding big headed people thought I sounded good or ‘could play guitar’ as I knew how to play a handful of popular songs by people like Jack Johnson, Razor Light, Craig David, Coldplay, Eric Clapton etc. I could also play fairly technical pieces like Classical Gas, other finger picking classical pieces and Tommy Emmanuel stuff etc.

I did a couple of lessons when I first picked up the guitar but that soon stopped as I didn’t really find them enjoyable, my process to learning was to either print off tab or watch some Youtube tutorials.

After a while though my enthusiasm for learning from tab or watching videos over and over again started to dry up. I was tired of just learning songs and putting them into my muscle memory, cos sooner or later if I hadn’t played the song for some time I was sure to forget how to play it and all that time invested in learning it would of been wasted.

Another issue I had was that I learnt lots of scales but didnt really know what to do with them, whenever I would try and jam to a jam track I sounded terrible. I also knew a lot of chords and as I learnt more I would forget others, they all seemed like individual chords.

To cut a long story short I felt like I was stuck in a rut and hit a brick wall. I wanted to understand what I was actually doing on the guitar, I wanted to know how chords where actually made and not just by looking at a chord diagram, I wanted to know what to do with scales and how to actually make them sound like music!

After stumbling across Yourguitartutor on the internet I thought I’d give it a try as it was affordable and looked promising. After spending some time with the book it was light a switch flip on in my head. The explanations within it are so clear and straightforward, for example I now have a great understanding how chords are made and how to manipulate them from say any major chord into a dominate 7th chord anywhere on the neck. Before this book I would play chords but have no idea what they where.

The ultimate practice planner is also fantastic. I was one of those people that would waste hours of time on the internet looking at videos or tab trying to learn stuff, there would be no clear goal or focus and 9 times out of 10 I would really learn anything new at all. What the Practice Planner offers is that it gives you a great structure on how to learn. So say for example you only have an hour a day, it breaks it down so you work on your picking accuracy for 10mins then work on learning about chords for 10minutes. It really helps develop your overall music ability.

Overall I cannot recommend Yourguitartutor enough, it has helped my understanding of the guitar immensely and more importantly I have found learning to be fun again!

Okay Tom so I hope that testimonial is okay. If you got time heres a clip of that gig I did at the Dome, Im to the right of the screen


And heres the studio version


Another girl Ive worked with


Okay Cool Tom, Happy new year by the way



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