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How you can get more guitar students by using your contact list and re approaching.

An interesting thought crossed my mind the over day. I wanted to prepare for the new year and the new workflow that comes with it. In the new year many people want to learn guitar after being bought a guitar for Christmas. So with that in mind I wanted to inspire people who had already shown interest in my guitar lessons before Christmas, to go ahead and book some lessons or purchase a voucher from me.

Quite often someone who wants to book lessons for their child or partner wants it to be a surprise. Somewhere along the way, their day to day chores take over and they never manage to book the guitar lessons. So I thought it made perfect sense to recontact anyone who had shown interest but not made plans.

As someone running your own guitar tuition service you should ideally have a spreadsheet of all your contacts. This will include your current student/ students parents, old students and details of new enquiries.

Organise Your Guitar Students

A Multitude of Reasons To Keep Record of Your Clients

In terms of tracking your clients and potential clients I would recommend using Google Drive as your data base will be protected, and will exist in the online world in case your computer or mobile was stolen or damaged. This also means that if your guitar teaching business grows and you hire another guitar teacher , you can simply share the contact list with him or her depending on how much input they have on your marketing. You may also wish to have an offline version of the spreadsheet in case you do not have internet access at any point.

So you simply organise the list into categories

– Current Clients

– Old Clients

– Potential Clients 

Then you look through the list and re-approach where you deem appropriate. The easiest method is to approach by email, but is this going to be as effective as calling them? No. Equally you may not feel comfortable calling a ‘Potential Client’ who you only exchanged two emails with, so a text or email may be better.

If you would like to spark interest in one of your old guitar students then a call is personal and respectful. It is also nice to show interest in their playing now and what they have been up to.

The main message here is to utilise your pre qualified leads or old customers, and entice them back by showing them how great your service is now.

If you are a guitar tutor and you enjoyed this post you will love the whole series I am doing on how to make money teaching guitar.

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