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Welcome to a guitar lesson on Diatonic Scale Sequences where you will learn how to use scales in a more creative way. The goal of this series on Guitar Scales Sequences is to give you a bag of tricks to pull out when improvising so you do not find yourself simply playing up and down a scale in the ordinary fashion. Some players see this approach you are about to learn as mathematical but after you have learnt the sequences you should aim to forget the names you give to each sequence whilst you improvise or write and let yourself freely improvise.

Diatonic Seconds


You should take this sequence and apply it to all the scales you practise in The Ultimate Practise Planner. Try it in different keys as this example is in the key of C major but it can be transposed to any keys by shifting it up the fretboard. Try to apply the sequence into your improvisations and make sure to use alternate picking throughout.

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Tom Clark


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