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With 2013 just hours away, resolutions are to be made for Your Guitar Tutor!

So 2012 has been an interesting year here at Your Guitar Tutor. My teaching business has developed even more, and many happy private guitar students have been taken under my belt, with some excellent results.

I started writing blog posts for budding guitar tutors wanting to develop their teaching business, and I have had some great feedback on how it is helping guitar tutors in Bath, Bristol, London, Birmingham as well as many other cities in the UK and various areas of the USA.

My ebooks for complete beginner guitarists and intermediate guitarists have helped players all over the world. Some highlights of the year have been:

  • One of my ebook students did a support slot for Ed Sheeran – the UK hit singer songwriter.
  • A student winning his school talent competition after studying my first ebook ‘Be the Guitarist’.

So what would I like to be doing in 2013? This year has a lot lined up for me. I will release my half written ebook ‘Be the Guitar Tutor’ so that all my readers of the series on ‘How to Teach¬†Guitar, Make Money and Have Happy Students’ will have an all encompassing method on how to become the best local guitar tutor.

The most exciting thing is that I am going to be doing guitar lessons on the latest hit songs for beginners. My YouTube video lessons will be designed for beginner guitarists looking to learn songs quickly and have fun without years of studying theory. Their will be tips on strumming and a breakdown of exactly how to approach strumming professionally so you eventually can work out strumming patterns by ear. So whether it is a latest Ed Sheeran hit or an artists that will emerge in 2013, I will be covering the best beginner guitar songs for you guys!

For any students that want to know a little bit more about the guitar and progress from playing simple songs to more advanced guitar studies, will be able to purchase my ebooks for a complete guide on guitar.

So keep your eyes out for my channel on YouTube and the latest additions.

Happy new year to all my readers, and cheers to a great year of playing guitar and having fun!



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