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Hey there,

Ok so last lesson we started learning about how you go about working songs out by ear on the guitar. Throughout this lesson we will progress further into this great skill and look at more tips to consider.

  • Finding the bass notes of the chords used in the song- Ok, so most songs you will find in the Free Chord Charts section of my site use 4 0r 5 chords so using these songs as a starting point is a good idea. This means you will need to find between 3-5 different root notes that we will build into chords.
  • Use my Free Chord Charts to help support you and help you find the chords in use if you need a helping hand and then you can work on when to change chord.
  • You could make it slightly more difficult than the method shown just above by just looking at which fret the capo is placed at.
  • Most songs can be played using some of the following chords Key Of C– C, Am, Em, F, Dm, G OR Key Of G- G, Em, D, C, Am, Bm. (See the eBook to learn all about the chords).
  • Understanding the unique sound the different shape chords have C, A, G, E or D and their minor versions is one of the best skills to develop. (Your Guitar Tutor app will develop this skill). In the meantime you can work on this skill by playing each shape and listening to the sound carefully in order to recognise it in recordings.
Part 3 will be coming very soon where I will further this skill and show you how to master learning songs on guitar by ear.
Tom Clark

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