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Be The Guitar Tutor is the soon to be released eBook outlining exactly what it takes to become the best guitar tutor in your area! All of this information is the product of Your Guitar Tutor detailing all the steps it has taken to get it where it is today- running a successful and professional guitar tuition business.

If you have dreamt of earning a living from teaching guitar then you are certainly not alone! I had this exact dream as I was growing up and after one failed attempt, juggling different jobs, university and adjusting to life in the city, I finally cracked it. I am going to share with you a detailed story of how Your Guitar Tutor got to be a successful guitar teaching service in an incredibly competitive area of England.

You are going to learn about the personal skills that make you a successful guitar tutor:

  • Your motifs for teaching guitar, what is it about this entrepreneurial journey that you think you will like
  • Your personality and visualising your self as a brand
  • Understanding the incredible perks of the job
  • Understanding the potential downfalls and risk associated with running your own guitar tuition business. I will be sharing stories of my own struggles when learning from mistakes along the way, so you don’t make the same errors.
  • Networking- meeting people who can help you reach your goal, understand the importance of being confident and friendly with new people.
  • Sharing your dream- how to talk about your new idea with colleagues, friends, family and strangers to spread the word and build buzz in your area.
  • Action Plans- creating time specific goals over a period of months up to a year for the launch of your business.
  • Being organised- organisation is a key factor in running your own venture, tools and tips to help you become more organised
  • Using your time to arrange lesson slots, plan lessons and possibly travel

You are also going to learn about the business skills that make you a successful guitar tutor:

  • How much it might cost you to start your own guitar teaching business- fully understand what you will need to start up.
  • Competition- Understanding how to analyse the market and the competition in your area to build a service that is needed and seen as the ‘go to place’ for guitar lessons.
  • Branding- Understanding how you want your business to be thought about and the image it has.
  • Setting your prices
  • Teaching from home or travelling to your students- analysing if it is feasible to teach from your own home or if you will travel to lessons.
  • Finding your first student- early day incentives
  • Marketing- sale periods to boost lesson enquiries, gift vouchers for Christmas
  • Being legitimate
  • Purchasing a website name (domain name)
  • Finding a great designer- knowing the importance of how anything connected to your business looks and finding a designer within your budget. Being resourceful and not spending your budget on design alone.
  • Creating a good website- knowing what you need from a website for guitar tuition in your area. Understanding what a good website designer is and how much to pay for what you need.
  • Advertising
  • Promoting your service- Google adwords, free online advertising such as Gumtree, blogging about yourself on your own website
  • Groupon- knowing when you are ready to take your business up a level, employ more tutors or stay solo.
  • Organising lesson slots to suit your students and you, creating rate time prices to get the most students in one day

Plus much more helpful information to help you build your own guitar tuition service and be the best in your area

Tom Clark

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