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How to manage guitar lesson enquiries to secure more new students and increase your income. 

Managing incoming guitar lesson requests and queries is something you need to get good at if you want to run a successful guitar teaching business and make money teaching guitar. We are not all great communicators and natural leaders, however with practice I believe you can become better at handling the demand for your service. In this post I am going to share with you some very useful tips which I have discovered for myself over the years in running a guitar tuition business in Brighton, England.

Treat Your Potential Customers Well and Improve Conversion Rate by 100%

If you can keep all or at least some of the points mentioned below in mind from this day forwards then you will run the show a lot better.

Email Enquiries

Managing your emails is relatively simple but without keeping on top of incoming enquiries, you will miss opportunities and lose out of new business. Get your email account hooked up to your mobile so you can see enquiries as they come through. If you can’t answer an email in full due to time, reply with an email saying that you have received their message and will reply in full as soon as possible.

Phone Communication – As a guitar teacher you are most likely marketing yourself and placing your details both online and offline, as well word of mouth taking place meaning your phone number is being spread about. You need to answer phone calls professionally as any random number which contacts you could be a new student. This means you need to know when to answer calls in terms of it being appropriate and when to let the caller go through to voicemail.

Unfortunately if you are tied up most of the time and cannot answer your phone then you will miss a lot of opportunities. Finding a guitar teacher in your area is quite like finding many different services in your area, such as plumbers, photographers etc. If someone cannot make arrangements or find out more when they call there is a high chance they may move onto the next one (one of your competitors). In cases where someone was recommended to contact you on the basis of how great you are, you will have a better chance of securing them as a new student even after missing the call initially.

Equally you need to know when to not answer calls. If you are at a party and a random number calls you it may be a new guitar student. What I often advice some of the guitar tutors that I consult, is to have a separate phone for your guitar teaching business if you want to know when to switch off from work.


If you are the type of person who is quite often tied up and cant answer the phone then you need to make a a good clearly spoken and professional voicemail. In your voicemail you should include the following details:

  • Let them know who they have called – Hello you have got through to the voicemail of Tom at Your Guitar Tutor, I am sorry that I can’t take your call at this moment.
  • Directions – If you could please either leave me a voicemail with your name and number and a brief message on what you are calling about, or even better en email to Tom@yourguitartutor.co.uk then I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Although some of this may seem obvious, I am always amazed when consulting guitar tutors on how they are managing enquiries, and how they negotiate and try to best meet a customers needs. Depending on the area where you live, you may have a high level of competition and you need to deliver an unrivalled service to survive doing what you love – teaching and playing guitar for a living.


(Image credit to Simon Cocks)

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