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Hey there, welcome to part 2 of the Hammer- On Guitar Technique Lessons. In this lesson we will look at how you can take a Minor Pentatonic Scale and incorporate the Hammer- On technique to create an exciting dynamic run by creating a sequence using only notes from the scale its self. This run should be used over an A minor based backing track once you feel that you have learnt the run.

A Minor Pentatonic Hammer- On Run

Try to take another position of the  A minor Pentatonic and create this run by starting on the root of the scale (A note) and adjust your fingering to make it work in the remaining four positions. You may also want to adapt this pattern to work with your major pentatonic scale. If you have not yet learnt all the positions of your Minor and Major Pentatonic scale then you may be interested in Be The Guitarist for easy to understand diagrams and full explanations of scales, chords arpeggios and modes.

Come back soon for more Guitar Technique lessons on sliding, string bending plus much much more!

Keep it up!

Tom Clark


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