Guitar Lessons Brighton

Guitar Lessons in Brighton

Your Guitar Tutor has been providing guitar lessons to complete beginner guitarists and beginner to intermediate guitarists all across Brighton and East Sussex for many years. We have a proven track record of taking beginner guitarists to the advanced level of learning to play the instrument. One of the biggest successes of the journey so far has been teaching young guitarists to a professional standard and developing them as both guitar teachers in Brighton, as well as performing musicians.

Price– The price of our guitar lessons is £25 per one hour lesson, or £15 for 30 minutes.

Over the years we learnt that the guitar lessons themselves are just a small part of the progress of a player. We provide all of our students with their very own copy of the Your Guitar Tutor ebooks so they can always have access to the core building blocks of what they learn in their lessons. The Your Guitar Tutor popular eBooks ‘Be The Guitarist’ and ‘The Ultimate Practise Planner’ help support the student between lessons and achieve a lot with a small amount of free time available to practise. If you are a total beginner guitarist you can get the introductory ebook- Complete Beginner Guitarist free with your first lesson.

All lessons are either taught from Tom’s dedicated teaching room situated near Preston Park, Brighton or one of the Your Guitar Tutor guitar teachers will come to your home.

  • Degree in Music
  • Years of experience
  • Recording equipment/ teaching room
  • After lesson support
  • Quick results with a fun approach

What customers comment on time and time again is the time we put into ensuring our students develop between lessons. Each student is provided with their very own copy of popular eBooks ‘Be The Guitarist’ and‘The Ultimate Practise-Planner’ giving them the best possible chance of noticeable results faster!

Back in 2011 we were lucky enough to teach Bollywood Star Yana Gupta, who commented on her experience of having lessons with Tom….

“Learning with Tom has helped me to improve my guitar skills tremendously and also inspired me to spend more time practicing and enjoy the process of learning. The lessons are custom tailored to my needs, easy to understand and mainly fun. Tom is a fantastic teacher and also a very nice person to spend time with which is also important, especially when one needs encouragement in the process of learning. Thank you so much Tom.”

Want To Choose Exactly What You Want To Learn?

Tom tailors lessons for you, and is more than happy to teach you songs on request or guide you through his eBooks lesson by lesson. Your goal is Your Guitar Tutor’s priority, and Tom will be guiding you step- by- step, whether it is by learning your favourite songs or going in-depth into theory and guitar techniques.

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