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Hey there!

I am pleased to say that Your Guitar Tutor is now accepting guest posts from anyone who has some valuable information on anything guitar tuition related. Up until now, Your Guitar Tutor has only been fuelled by myself- Tom Clark, and a couple of other contributors. I know that some of you readers have some great ideas to share on a variety of topics, so lets get sharing and voice your opinion to a rapidly growing community of guitar-lovers!


Voice Your Opinion

Why Write For Your Guitar Tutor

If the sound of voicing your opinion to a crowd of guitar loving fans sounds appealing then writing for YGT is a good idea for you. You will gain exposure and traffic to your own website by sharing valuable insightful content here at Your Guitar Tutor. For anyone who is not aware of the marketing value of guest posting, then I can inform you that it is one of the hottest digital marketing techniques around. The idea of guest posting is to basically get a piece of the pie, in the world of online followers by providing readers with expert advice. In return for your quality content, I am happy for you to have two links in the body of the article and one bio link. Your bio should contain a sentence about you and is the perfect place to drop in a link to your own site.

What Can I Write About?

You can write about a wide variety of topics here at YGT, as long as you know the content will be of value to our readers. Here are some examples of good guest post titles:

  • 3 Tips For The Beginner Guitarist
  • 5 Great Blues Guitar Licks
  • Mastering Legato- Learning The Smoothest Guitar Technique
  • How Teaching Guitar Makes You A Better Guitarist
  • What Every Beginner Guitar Player Should Know
  • 5 Techniques Every Guitarist Should Learn
  • From The Bedroom To The Stage Guitarist
  • Learning Guitar In Your 30’s or 40’s

How Long Should My Post Be?

Guest posts should be a minimum of 400 words and there is no maximum length. Please use pictures in your posts as this improves reader interest, but give credit to who ever the picture belongs to. If your post is good and we like it, then you could become a loyal contributor here at YGT.

How Do I Provide You With The Article?

Please send your article to tom@yourguitartutor (DOT) co.uk

I will review it, and either give feedback on how to make it better and get published ,or email you letting you know it is being published.

Happy writing!

Tom Clark

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