Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ Chords

Learn how to play Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ on the guitar with my Easy Guitar Songs charts and Youtube videos. This song is a great example of one chord progression being able to be used throughout the entire song due to rhythmic intricacy. The song is relatively easy to play in terms of the chords used, but can also be played to greater effect with the use of partial chords, and barre chords found higher up the neck. By using a capo we can see this song as part of the G family shapes, and for all you more advanced players that understand modes- try soloing over it in B Dorian!

Pay attention to the rhythm used throughout this song, as it makes the song have the funky energy that it has. If you wish to learn more about being able to play thousands of songs on the guitar and master barre chords and scales then please see my ebooks for all the information you need.

Capo 2nd

Am – C – Em – D

Without Capo

Bm- D – Fsharp minor – E

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