Beautiful Life Guitar Chords by Union J

So you want to learn how to play Beautiful Life by Union J on the guitar? This song is relatively easy and is a perfect example of the 99% of songs that I can teach using my method. Place your capo at the 5th fret and lets get started!

Pay careful attention to making sure each of the chords are clean and that you can move between each chord with a single downstroke before incorporating the strumming.

Once you begin to tackle the strumming I want you to break it down chord by chord and focus on how I play it in the video above. As you begin to get more confident with the chord changes in Beautiful Life, you can start to experiment with small additions to the chords. These can be hammered on notes within the chord to add an extra level of interest to a simple set of chords.  If you are aiming to sing and play the song then you should focus on playing the song in its simple form.

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