Bad Moon Rising Chords by CCR

Learn how to play Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival on the guitar with this easy guitar lesson and accompanying YouTube video.

This song uses three simple guitar chords- D, A and G. There are two different sections which use the same chords in a different order. The first section is D – A G – D and the second section is G – D – A G- D. If you have any trouble playing any of the chords, then please use the video combined with my guide on easy guitar songs chords.

Pay careful attention to the dynamics used and the rhythm you create with your strumming hand. You may have noticed I hold the A chord different to how you may have learn it. This is how many rock players hold an A chord due to the ease of holding it this way, and the opportunities those free fingers give you.

Move slowly between each chord and follow the strumming pattern that I say in the video so that you can develop a strong sense of rhythm.

If you are interested in being able to play easy guitar songs without tens of hundreds of hours of practice, then you may want to know more about my method, which thousands of players across the globe are now learning from.

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