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Hey Your Guitar Tutor fans,

After months of finding out exactly what a complete beginner guitarist wants from guitar tuition, I have slowly pieced together my answer in one clear and concise eBook available August 2011.

Complete Beginner Guitarist will leave behind the mass of unnecessary chords and random scales that scare away so many beginner guitarists and instead give you the essentials, so you can begin playing guitar and having fun in a much shorter space of time. Years of studying guitar tuition has taught me the importance of ensuring the guitarist feels a sense of satisfaction from every practise session and unfortunately this is commonly not the case for many guitarists.

So I began to assemble the information I know that you need to know to begin playing your favourite songs on guitar. I have also been selecting songs that you will be able to learn whilst reading the eBook so I have been adding Free Chord Charts on a daily basis. Understanding the Free Chord Charts is covered in the eBook so you will not be left feeling confused when reading them, so don’t worry.

Here are some of the areas covered in Complete Beginner Guitarist

  • Purchasing Your First Guitar and Accessories- Helpful advice on your first guitar, what you need and what you will be told you need.
  • Holding Your Guitar- Getting your posture sorted before taking on guitar.
  • Holding Your Pick- Give yourself a head start by understanding how to hold the plectrum for a variety of playing situations.
  • Tuning Your Guitar- Step- by- step guide to tuning the guitar avoid the frustration many players have with tuning issues.
  • Basic Terminology- Learn some terms and expressions commonly used throughout the guitar world and the Your Guitar Tutor eBooks.
  • TAB- Understanding a simple language
  • Ten Chords To Beginner Guitar Mastery- Begin playing songs after learning just ten chord shapes, forget about systems of memorising thousands of chords and get playing fast.
  • Just a Few More Chords- A handfull of chords to add to the mix to take your playing up a step.
  • Strumming and 4/4- Have confidence in your right hand, understand counting in music and get the rhythm to sound exactly how you wish.
  • Chord Charts- Crash course in reading chord charts giving you access to a lifetime of songs on guitar.
  • Simple Songs- Tackle your first song and see songwriting patterns that you will use time and time again.
  • Where From Here?- Be The Guitarist and The Ultimate Practise- Planner- Don’t worry if you have completed the Complete Beginner Guitarist eBook and want to take your playing up to a new level, Your Guitar Tutor has some options ready for you.

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Contact me now for the ebooks.

Thanks for reading

Tom Clark

Ps. I know how it feels when you are excited to start reading a new book and you have to wait a few days for it to arrive, all my eBooks download onto your computer in seconds so you can begin learning guitar as soon as you wish!

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