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This post will discuss my approach to guitar lessons and the different routes I have tried and tested with my own private guitar students in Brighton.

My initial approach to giving guitar lessons was to first understand the current ability of the guitar student and then find out the tastes and interests in music. Once I have a clear understanding of the ability and tastes of the student, I arrange an introductory lesson to find out a little more about the student. During the introductory lesson I quickly find out which route the student would be best suited to and then get straight into some learning so they have some new skills to walk away with after just one lesson.


  • Learning songs on guitar
  • Learning theory and songs on guitar
  • Just theory
The approaches shown above are in order of their popularity and are all approaches I have taken with individuals that I teach on a regular basis.
I am discovering the positive side of guitarists just learning simple songs on guitar because my students’ are having fun without weeks of preparation before they actually learn to play something that they can show their friends and family. It seems obvious but most students are normally not interested in long term goals with guitar but instead just want to get playing quickly and that’s where I come in. After thinking about the essentials that a guitarist cant live without, I am able to pick songs from the students favourite bands and get them playing songs in full without years of lessons.
I am very happy to be able to say that a few students who have just been playing songs have started to adapt the songs to write their own and go on to perform at local venues and at school. This for me is a huge achievement and in the near future I may aim to offer the chance for my students to perform if they wish to.
Quite often I am noticing that once a student has learnt a few songs they begin to take interest in what they are actually playing and I can blend in theory with guitar song lessons. This approach is also popular but only around 20% of my students have started with this route whereas the remaining 80% of students that have taken this approach only do so after having a couple of songs under their belt.
My final route is the ‘Just theory’ approach which accounts for just a few percent of my students but has provided some very interesting results. One student in particular has taken a very studious approach to learning guitar and uses my ebooks to study guitar chords, guitar scales, modes and techniques. Although this route may seem intimidating for some it obviously works for the individual who is excelling and practising guitar between lessons.
Essentially their is a route for everyone and I am passionate about helping you reach your goals as a guitar player whether it is by being able to play a song to your school mates or helping you prepare for an audition at a music school.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the future posts.
Tom Clark

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