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If you are leaving it close to Christmas and thinking about a perfect gift for someone this year, then a guitar lesson voucher could be the perfect idea!

If you live in Brighton or the surrounding area and you think that someone special may love to wake up to voucher for guitar lessons starting in the new year, this will be a special present to remember.

Some of my longest standing students received their voucher in previous years and now can’t imagine a life without guitar in it!

So how much do they cost?

1x Voucher for 4 Guitar Lessons – £100

4 Brighton Guitar Lessons Voucher

A perfect surprise gift this Christmas


1x Voucher for 5 Guitar Lessons – £120

5 Brighton Guitar Lessons Voucher

For Someone Special!


1x Voucher for 10 Guitar Lessons – £200

10 Brighton Guitar Lessons Voucher

Go all out with a voucher for 10 guitar lessons!


A lot of people also like to get advice on good quality cheap guitars to buy for a beginner at Christmas time and I am always more than happy to give them advice. So if you want to get advice on how much to spend on a guitar, whether to go for an electric, acoustic, or an electro acoustic, Ed Sheeran style half size or full then please contact me.

Alternatively if you are not sure if they will enjoy taking guitar lessons then you could always arrange an individual lesson to see how much they enjoy taking guitar lessons before dedicating to more lessons.

What did Bollywood Star Yana Gupta have to say about taking lessons with me….

“Learning with Tom has helped me to improve my guitar skills tremendously and also inspired me to spend more time practicing and enjoy the process of learning. The lessons are custom tailored to my needs, easy to understand and mainly fun. Tom is a fantastic teacher and also a very nice person to spend time with which is also important, especially when one needs encouragement in the process of learning. Thank you so much Tom.”

I specialise in beginner guitar lessons and bridging the gap from beginner to the intermediate stage of guitar.

Enquire About Your Half Price Guitar Lesson Now

or Call Tom on 07907674084

Merry Christmas!

Tom 🙂


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