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Hey Your Guitar Tutor fans!

As part of a summer offer to you, Your Guitar Tutor is offering the Be The Guitarist eBook to you at a reduced price for a limited time only. As well as a price reductions you will also receive your own copy of The Ultimate Practise- Planner

Contact me now for the ebooks.

Price Reduction for August 2011- Be The Guitarist £19.99  Buy Now

 “A complete step – by – step 125 page guide to mastering the guitar. Thorough explanations and clear and easy to understand diagrams designed to teach you guitar without the confusion.

This eBook covers everything from learning your first five open chord shapes that unlock the guitar to scales and modes, teaching you how write melodies and follow chord progressions with ease! Uncover the mystery of songwriting from the guitarists’ point of view and take your playing to the point where you can write your own music.”

“The perfect accompaniment to ‘Be The Guitarist’ and its all in one 79 page eBook. Never worry about what to practise on your guitar ever again!

Practise routines designed to fit in with your lifestyle catering for players with just 30 minutes spare a day to players with hours and hours available. Easy to read guitar Tab exercises containing all of the knowledge you picked up from ‘Be The Guitarist’, carefully arranged for your perfect practise sessions.”

Contact me if you are interested in the ebooks.

To Your Success,

Tom Clark

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