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Modern smart phones like the iPhone have great cameras which are a perfect way to help aid your students learning after lessons

Whilst teaching a guitar lesson to one of my private students this summer I had a lightbulb moment whilst the student was struggling to grasp a chord progression. Once I started chatting to my student about the problem she is having with the song, I realised that if I played it slow for her and got her to record it on her iPhone, then she could have her tutor on call 24/7. This may sound obvious to you now that I have mentioned it, but no other tutors I have spoke to have actually taken this approach.

What were the results

The following weeks took me by pleasant surprise as my student had managed to watch the slow version of the chord progressions with strumming pattern and build up to the full tempo version. It then became clear to me, I have always given my students my eBooks to allow them to find the relevant scales, chords, arpeggios and to hear my concepts, but there was no way for them to get reminders on strumming patterns. There was also no way to show them how to move between chords without them venturing onto YouTube and risk getting confused by everyone playing the song slightly different.

iPhone for Filming Guitar Lessons

The Next Step – Filming the Student Performing the Piece Well

The next step for me seemed logical, to film the student when he or she plays it as it should be performed. How is this any different to the student filming me playing it well? It shows the student that they played it perfectly before and so it is possible again. This method is also great for a tutor wanting to spread via word of mouth because any happy student cant help but show off his new skills to all his friends!

For any young students who don’t have smart phones with high quality cameras, they may have a trusting parent who will let them borrow their phone for the lesson or alternatively you record it on your phone and email the clip over.

A simple idea, yes, but this has yielded great results for me and continues to!

Any great tips you want to share on teaching guitar?


Image credit to gadgetdude

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